2012-2015 Lending Program Targets

As mentioned, the CRF 2012–2015 Lending Program targets reflect each of the highest-level strategic priorities for IDB lending over this period, expressed as a percentage of total sovereign-guaranteed and non-sovereign guaranteed lending approved in 2015. The four lending targets, as shown in Figure C, are for: small and vulnerable countries; poverty reduction and equity enhancement; climate change, sustainable energy (including renewable) and environmental sustainability; and, regional cooperation and integration.

Figure C
Lending Program Indicators

The Bank exceeded all four lending targets for 2015 (see Figure C). Notably, the Bank made remarkable progress in its support to address climate change and foster sustainability in the Region. In 2012, only 5 percent of lending was oriented toward this area. By 2015, about one third of the Bank’s total lending volume was in line with the Region’s efforts directed toward climate change adaptation and mitigation, and sustainable energy and environmental practices.9