Part of Chapter 2

Overview of Contributions of Outputs to Regional Goals

The indicators at this level of the CRF measure the progress achieved in the period 2012-2015 period within each of the five sector priorities set forth in the IDB’s Ninth Capital Increase (IDB-9). The indicators measure the IDB’s contribution to country development results by providing the final data on outputs, outcomes and beneficiaries of IDB-financed projects. Tables B.1 to B.5 show the final 2015 achievement as well as the cumulative progress throughout the 2012-2015 period for each indicator. Each table is accompanied by a set of bar graphs showing the final progress on each indicator as compared to its IDB-9 target. Based on the cumulative data, each indicator is color-coded. Green () indicates that the target was met or exceeded in 2015; Yellow () indicates that the achieved value is between 85 percent and 99 percent of the target; Red () indicates that the value is less than 85 percent of the target.

The targets for the majority of output indicators (18 out of the 27) were achieved or exceeded in 2015, which corresponds to 66.7 percent of the indicators at this level. The final progress on two indicators (3.4.5 “Mobilization volume by NSG financed projects/companies and 3.5.1 “Power generation capacity from low-carbon sources”) is 91 percent of the target for the period. Nonetheless, seven output indicators were not within 85 percent of their respective 2015 targets, which correspond to 30 percent of the indicators at this level. Box 2.1 explains reasons why these CRF targets were not met.