Embracing Diversity

Chile supports development of indigenous communities and strengthens their identity and culture with Orígenes Program.

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Jamaica’s Citizen Security and Justice Program (CSJP) partners with communities to fight gang violence and crime.


The Forest is My ATM

Acre, in Brazil’s Amazon, builds a green economy by sustainably using its rainforest.


Through the River & Over a Tree

Panama is improving access to and the quality of education in indigenous areas.


Beyond the Political Cycle

Montevideo’s sanitation project shows why it’s worth it for governments to invest in the long term.


Power to the Women

MiBanco expands access to finance and training to women entrepreneurs in Peru.


Better Jobs

Lessons learned from Mexico’s employment service program, (PACE).


Setting the Standard

Costa Rica sets new standards for habitat protection with construction of hydropower plant on Reventazón river.


Small Solutions, Big Impact

Bolivia’s CRIAR project provides direct support to subsistence farmers to buy technologies to boost crops, improving food security.


Come Together

Dialogue with community leaders & door-to-door campaign in Tegucigalpa shows that community involvement is key to overcome skepticism & escalating violence.


Green Credit Where Credit is Due

Bancoldex improves sustainability and boosts lending to micro, small, and medium-sized firms in Colombia.


Everlasting Water

Port-au-Prince’s water operator CTE, a unit of Haiti’s DINEPA, implements a reorganization plan with support from the IDB and Spanish government.


The Health Paradox

Health policy recommendations for Guatemala to fight double burden of obesity and malnutrition.


At the Heart of Opportunity

With support from the IDB and other international agencies, Nicaragua’s largest road project in the past four decades, has significantly improved transportation.


Housing for the Poorest

Guyana revamps low-income housing program to make housing more affordable and improve basic infrastructure.


Here is Where the Sun Shines

IDB and Canada provide long-term financing for Chile’s large-scale solar power plant interconnected to the grid in Atacama.


Matchmaker with Latin Flavors

IDB created LAC Flavors, a matchmaking event that seeks to help small and medium-sized firms in 10 Latin American and Caribbean countries close export deals.


Building Resilience

El Salvador partnered with the IDB to implement a series of comprehensive reforms that combine fiscal measures with specific actions to adapt infrastructure to the consequences of climate change.

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Better Statistics

Venezuela strengthens its leading statistics agency INE.


Safer Ride

Driving through Suriname’s most used roadways is now safer, faster and even cheaper.


Information Technology in the Classroom

Barbados implements ambitious education reform with support from the IDB.


Pioneers of Green Credit

Panama’s Banco General launches green line with support from the IDB.


The Game Changer

Ecotourism project in São Paulo state parks to protect biodiversity of Brazil’s Atlantic forest.


Climate-Smart Islands

The IDB has partnered with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center to help implement measures to mitigate the impact of the changing climate on the tourism industry.


If It Works, Make It Even Better

Chile implements an electronic platform called the Integrated Foreign Trade System (SICEX) to facilitate export and import transactions.


Social Security Scrutinized

Longitudinal Social Protection Survey will help Latin America collect in-depth data to elaborate social security reforms.


Public Seed Investment

Peru creates technological innovation fund (FINCYT) with support from the IDB.


Tailored to the Middle

IDB and other development agencies get together to bridge infrastructure financing gap for Central America.


Paving the Way

IDB helps finance a comprehensive plan to improve transportation infrastructure in Costa Rica.


Scenic but Challenging

Antioquia improves its rural roads networks.


Sustainable Energy

Argentina builds a 1,200-kilometer 500 kV-electric power transmission line in the Norte Grande Region.


Give Them Credit

Ecuadorian credit union improves access to finance in remote communities by funding social infrastructure projects and microenterprises.


Higher Education Made Accessible

Mexico’s FINAE scales up student loans to low-income college students with support from the IDB.


A Healthy Approach

Recife combats neglected tropical diseases with early detection and treatment.


To the Next Level

Trinidad overhauls early childhood and primary education as part of a program to develop a seamless education system.


Universal Health Care

El Salvador builds and integrated and accessible public health system based on primary health care networks.


Need a Job?

Bolivia expands the coverage and effectiveness of its active employment policies, thereby helping to achieve better integration of workers into the labor market.


A Good Teacher Makes All the Difference

A research study in Ecuador shows the impact of teacher quality on learning outcomes of poor students.


Do Away with the Divide

After closing the digital divide, Uruguay now wants to promote the use of laptops to improve learning in public schools.


Enhanced Conditional Cash Transfers

Dominican Republic consolidates its conditional cash transfer program with other social initiatives to boost effectiveness.


Investing More, Early, and Well

IDB study surveyed and analyzed 42 childcare and parenting programs in 19 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean


At The Forefront

Belize revamps its solid waste management systems to reduce pollution and protect the environment and tourism industry.



Paraguay enhances its research and innovation capacity through the development of science, technology, and innovation.


Power to Expand

Vicunha Ecuador gets IDB financing to expand hydropower plant and expand denim production.


Last Mile

Guatemala expands access to electricity in rural and isolated communities, reaching the last mile in rural electrification program.